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Advanced Training + Inner Circle + Native Ads Secrets, Hacks 

I don't want you spending money and time, I want you to use your time to get results!  Let Me Show You How!

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Get High ROI, Get More Clicks, Blacklists, Whitelists, Native Ad Secret Methods Revealed and Real Month to Month Case Studies

No Thanks Demetris i'm not interested in having everything done for me! I'll do the building myself

What is Spectra Advanced + Inner Circle Exactly? 

Looking to take your affiliate marketing game up a notch?  Look no further than my advanced section.  This is for the people who want to scale up with Native Ads. 

There are tricks you can double your CTR's, I have access to blacklists and whitelists for certain offers. I reveal what offers you need to be promoting and where.   I I have spent the money so you don't have to.   

I offer you 10 DFY Websites with Content based on offers you will be working with through native.   There are content included so you can tie in your affiliate links, but also show this to your affiliate networks, that you have a specific website for a specific niche, to be approved faster. 

I share with you MGID and REVcontent's Top Placement Sites. I also share with you a method to find WINNING widgets right now, manually  without using any tracking.  Helps actually start building campaigns, targeting specific sites and widgets you get access to. 

You also get monthly case studies, where i'll be sharing the winning widgets, or blacklists for certain offers.  I'll always test offers, every month for you.

Plus, you'll learn advanced methods and tricks to really maximize your results.

Don't forget you also get access to me, and my inner circle group, where you can ask me anything based on your campaigns and any type of objections you might have with your ads.  

So why wait? Pick up Spectra Advanced and Inner circle today!

When you join the Spectra Advanced & Inner Circle,  you’ll receive:

  • Private Inner circle : Get Access to me and ask me questions about your campaigns, and issues you might be having with native ads.  

  • Finding Winning Ad Placements Manually  Here is a hack you can use to reveal winning widgets without even running a campaign. This will help you start snipe targeting your audience for the offers you want to run.  

  • Double Your CTR's : Step by step training on setting up a trick to higher CTR's to your offers. 

  • DFY Blacklists and Whitelists : I spent money to get data. You get the same data I got so you can run your campaigns easily without second guessing.   These lists will save you so much money, and you'll be able to target what's quality not crappy traffic. 

  • How To Build an Optin Campaign Funnel with Native Ads : Step by step training on building leads and commissions with Native Ads, promoting Certain Clickbank Offers.  (DFY Lander Included) 

  • Find Domains With Traffic And Backlinks : Step by step training on finding domains with included built in traffic hack. 

  • RevContent and MGID Top Placement Sites : Discover which sites you should be targeting for your campaigns without the need to test. 

  • Monthly Case Studies:  Everymonth I'll be testing offers, and I'll be revealing my winning offers and any other data you might need for your campaigns. 

  • TOTAL VALUE: $497

    TODAY ONLY $97

    No Thanks Demetris i'm not interested in having everything done for me! I'll do the building myself

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