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Take All My DFY Landers & Ad Campaigns!

You are going to want this special feature, as it will save you a lot of time and effort! 

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Use all the Landers and Ads That I have Created with Native Ads, Including My Winning Campaigns

No, I'm not interested in having anything done for me. I prefer building my own landing pages for all offers.

What is the DFY Landers & Ads Exactly?

Looking to stay ahead of the competition? Looking to stop wasting time and second guessing. Tired of having to create your own landing page? Tired of trying to create content for those pages?  Well , Spectra DFY Landers and Ads is going to help you with your campaigns.  I'm sharing with you 40! yes, 40 DFY Landers, that you can use as you wish. Either on your own cpanel, your hosting, or simply using the free page builder I have for you inside, where you can connect your own domain, easily, and have your site hosted for free.  Forever. 

You will be able to switch pages, add your links, and follow my training to get even more conversions.  Without landers, you won't be able to do much.  It's best to always know who's clicking on your landers, and sites, and to be able to collect leads, is a must on certain campaigns.  I want you to succeed, and if you are going to take this journey serious, then use what has worked for me in the past, but also help you get started right away!  

Included are also, A Swipe file, with all my competitors and examples of ads online. You also get all the exact ads I have done with Native Ads, all delivered in CSV Files. You'll see the exact images I used, exact titles I have used, how much I've spent.  This information is going to be huge for anyone wanting to make this work 100% for them. 

When you join the DFY Landers and Ads Upgrade you Get  :

  • Instructions On Using Your Free Page Builder : Get a Free page builder, where you will never use a credit card to access.  This page builder will be your foundation to installing my landing pages and using them right out of the box. 


  • 20 DFY Landers for 20 Different Offers from Clickbank :  Download all the Native Ad Campaign Landers I have used with Native ads. Everything is DFY. All you do is add your links in the buttons and change the titles and content accordingly if needed. 

  • DFY ADS :  Download all the Native Ad Campaign I have run with Native ads. Including images, titles, sources, offers.  

  • SWIPE LIST: Download all my spying from the competition running Native Ads.  From Images, to pages, to offers. All available to go through and study what others are doing. 

  • TOTAL VALUE: $147

    TODAY ONLY $67

    No, I'm not interested in having anything done for me. I prefer building my own landing pages for all offers.

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