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Improve your ROI on average by 100% 

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Track, optimize & Split Test your advertising with Spectra tracking software and Split Testing Upgrades (Recommended for Scaling) 

No Thanks Demetris, I'm not interested in Saving Money or Finding Out What Is Brining Me Sales. I'll Just Spend More Money On Trying To Figure It On My Self. It's Almost Impossible, But I'll Take the Risk

What is Spectra Tracking & Split Testing Exactly? 

Track everything in one place inside Spectra.  Tracking and Split Testing, will help you save money by tracking it all, thanks to our easy to read reporting you can easily monitor the metrics which are important without you needing to know anything about tracking. It's not complicated, and we made it stupid easy for anyone to now finally track their campaigns easily.  

With Spectra Tracking and Split testing you will be able to get information on each visit, click, and conversion coming from your traffic sources.  

It's also a one time off tool, and not monthly like all the other popular choices out there.  

You will be able to Optimize ads for better performance. No more wasting time & money on wild guesses!  

Stop jumping between platforms! Integrate all your traffic sources with Spectra and control your affiliate marketing campaigns straight from our built in tracking reporting tool inside your back dashboard. 

Forget costly Split testing optimization tools.

Use  our built-in Split testing to test out up to 6 pages on each of your campaigns, or even offers. 

Spectra Tracking and Split testing allows for easy ad tracking of all your campaigns in one place. Thanks to our legendary speed & reliability you won’t miss a single click or conversion.

When you upgrade to our Tracking and Split Testing Tool, you’ll receive:

  • Affiliate Marketing Dash Board Reporting : Affiliate marketing dashboard

    Easily monitor your ad campaign metrics such as visits, clicks, costs & profits Manage all of your affiliate conversion tracking with just one platform.

  • Conversion Tracking: Track different types of conversions that are built in and specifically focusing on the most important metrix in your journey without the need to use a 3rd party custom affiliate software or even using the ad platforms complicated tracking tools. (newbie friendly intended) 

  • Impression Tracking: Track ad impressions

  • 7 Top Affiliate Networks Integrated : Easily get data from different affiliate platforms to Spectra.  (Clickbank, Maxbounty, Maxweb, Admitad, AdCombo, Digistore24, Amazon Associates... with the ability to request to add more.)

  • DFY Landers Included : Get 2 DFY Landers to start your campaign.  

  • Premium Over The Shoulder's Training :  Step by step training on building a real campaign from beginning to end, using our Tracking and Split Testing tool. (Written guide included) 

  • Uncover Widget Id's:   Uncover the Widgets that are bringing you sales, or clicks which will help you save money on spending on widgets that are not performing. 

  • Uncover Ad Sources :  Uncover which websites are bringing you sales or conversions. Saving you money on your next campaigns only targeting the buyers.   

  • Split Test Feature :  The ability to split test, between offers or landing pages.  Up to 6 at a time, which will help you from saving money from spending on landing pages, or offers, that do not work. You can split test 6 different products getting you pinpointed results on which offer converted better for you etc. 

  •  Written Guide Included:  Even though I have covered the over the shoulder's training inside, I have also created a step by step guide, so you can easily set up your tracking and split testing tool, and will be able to get started with a campaign easily following my step by step guide.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $67

    TODAY ONLY $37

    No Thanks Demetris, I'm not interested in Saving Money or Finding Out What Is Brining Me Sales. I'll Just Spend More Money On Trying To Figure It On My Self. It's Almost Impossible, But I'll Take the Risk

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