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SPECTRA GOES LIVE ON: 19th August @11am EST

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My Software Uncovers Top Native Ads Running on top Native Ad Platforms....While Our Premium Over the Shoulder's Training gets you the right targeted traffic that engages with your offers or content and helps you generate your first results with Affiliate Marketing.

This is Best Native Ads Spy Tool  for affiliate marketers or advertisers, who are always looking for ways to increase their return on investment in Media Buying or Driving Traffic.

Spectra is our newest software and training that helps advertisers or affiliate marketers, make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful.  Get comprehensive data on profitable native campaigns.

By far this is the easiest and most affordable way for businesses, affiliates, or ecom store owners, of all sizes and budgets to reach more customers with greater precision than ever before.

Solution: We've made it easy for anyone wanting to learn how to run successful native ad campaigns.   With our app and built in features you'll spend less time searching through irrelevant content and more time creating targeted ad campaigns that deliver real results!   And together with our easy step by step training on maximizing results as an affiliate marketer promoting other people's offers for high return on investments easily, while building a targeted list easily. 

The Following Is Included When Your Subscribers Invest In Spectra Today:

  • My Exact blueprint which will help you drive unlimited targeted buyer traffic to your websites, offers, and eCom Stores.

  • Powerful Software to uncover, top converting ads, top converting content, and best converting landing pages, to copy from and implement.

  • DFY Page Templates to Use For to quickly driving this new buyer traffic

  • Full Video Training Modules (over the shoulder step by step instructions with a Real Case Study which generated us $1000+ in commissions. 

  • How To Make Money as an Affiliate using Native Ads for Beginners (using marketplaces like Clickbank)

  •  Automated System in driving Buyers Daily using the 3 steps shown inside Spectra Training Area.

  • Spectra has been tested on a Brand New Campaign, Which got Us results 24 hours After Setting up a campaign which is revealed inside the Main training area of Spectra. 

    Here’s Some Real Results after only spending 50$ in ad spend.

    Value Packed Funnel

    Spectra Front End - $27

    Inside , your users will be able to get access to training on how to how to utilize our cloud based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, and free dfy Templates to plug and play in your own native ad campaigns you'll be running.

    We give you all the tools and exact blueprint to help you build your own affiliate business online, or monetize this traffic for your websites, ecom stores, or your affiliate sites. 

    This will help any blogger, affiliate marketer, ecom store owner, get the right buyer traffic to their offers they are promoting or selling online.  

    Inside the Main Training in Spectra you get a real campaign that we set up and saw results 24 hours later. 

    We spent 50$ and generated over 200$ in commissions on Clickbank and kept on generating results throughout the training. 

    Your users will be able to follow this campaign, and replicate everything we have inside.  We have also included a Research tool, to find unique images to use in their own campaigns.   We also offer the ability for users to expand their search in other offers, worldwide, and through other affiliate networks to help them save time and expand. 

    Spectra Tracking and Split Testing - (OTO 1) $37 

    A much needed upgrade for your journey with Native Ads.  Our tracking and Split testing tool will allow you to pinpoint which sources are bringing you sales, so you can focus on maximizing results based on the data you will be getting from our Tracking. You will also be able to split test, up to 6 offers, or landers.  

    Spectra Tracking (OTO 1DS) $27

    We are giving our users  a chance to afford a free tracking tool, instead of paying monthly to other 3rd party tools, you'll be using the tracking feature to save money and be able to scale your campaigns.   

    Spectra DFY Landers + Ads (OTO 2) $67

    In this package users will get the following delivered inside the main training area :

    • 40 DFY Clickbank Pages
    • DFY Ads with Winning Offers to Copy No Second Guessing what is converting. Use the ones that converted for us.
    • Swipes Rolodex From Competitors 
    • Top Sources To use in your Campaigns (top performing websites for each platform (Revcontent / MGID) 

    Spectra DFY Lite (OTO 2DS) $37

    20 DFY Clickbank Pages

    Including DFY Ads with Winning Offers.  

    Spectra OTO 3 -Advanced Training & Case Studies + Private Inner Circle $97

    In this package the users will learn more advanced training, to get higher ROI and Conversions .  Users will also get monthly case studies, delivered in the inner circle group.  Questions and Coaching available through the Private Inner Circle Group, which will be on going.  Revealing winning offers first.  

    Also included are Blacklists and Whitelists to use in your campaigns, so you don't spend more than what you have to when testing. I'm giving you blacklists to use for Health Offers and Weight Loss Offers.  

    Only advanced users get these blacklists, by testing and spending money. Save your money let me get the info for you.  

    10 DFY Websites In Specific Niches For Native Ads (including Content) this alone costs me about $200 to create. 

    Advanced Hacks that No one else is showing you , for Higher ROI, Higher CTR.  Native Ad Secrets Revealed.

    Earlybird Details

    Spectra goes live on August 19th @ 11 am EST.

    Earlybird pricing is frozen at $27 during the launch period.


    Main Contest 

    19 Aug - 23rd Aug 2022 ends Midnight 

    $Win $1000

    1st - 600

    2nd - 300

    3rd - 100  

    2nd Phase of Contest

    23/8 - 25/8  

    Win $1000

    1st - 700

    2nd - 200

    3rd - 100

    Minimums Apply for Last 48 Contest

    Affiliates must earn up to or equal to the Prize money in order to be eligible for full prize payout.  


    Demetris , Alex can Bring you 50-200+ To Your Launch!

    With Spectra Your Subscribers Will Be Able to

    • We help you improve your ROI by unlocking your competitors' marketing strategies with Native Ads.

    • Uncover profitable campaigns running on the most popular native ad traffic sources

    • Build winning native advertising campaigns today by spying on your competition & get more for your advertising spend.

    • Use of the strategies taught will help generate more traffic and leads.

    • Following the Native Ads Training inside Spectra, users will generate massive traffic and sales.  Learn all the Native Ads Secrets you don't know about.


    Demetris Papadopoulos,  Co- Creator, Marketing and Jv Director

    Alex Krulik - Software Developer / Partner